Minecraft in teaching

Every single child in my class absolutely LOVES Minecraft and this got me thinking about how I could create a topic to somehow link heavily to Minecraft without it actually being Minecraft themed…thinking caps on!

I decided to develop a potion/Minecraft topic which would have a heavy science theme (currently working with a Y4 class so will be linking this to the NC states of matter guidelines) but with a Minecraft twist!

Some of my initial ideas include:

  • Following  Minecraft potion recipes in numeracy to measure and then convert ingredients
  • Investigating, comparing and recording properties of Minecraft ‘ingredients’ in Science
  • Creating instructions or a non-chronological report on the benefits of particular recipes in Literacy
  • Discussing internet safety in ICT and understanding how we stay safe when playing online with people from around the world

Other non-Minecraft ideas include:

  • Looking at a child adaptation of the three witches scene in Macbeth and creating our own dramatized video clips
  • Reading Alice in Wonderland as a class book

I’m also in the middle of creating a ‘Nether portal’ (I had to google it!) group work/reading area which changes every topic. This is used as a reward area for when children have really impressed me with their work/effort or if they have hit one of their targets.

Pictures of the mysterious Nether Portal to follow soon!

Please feel free to email/tweet if you have any ideas or questions!

Twitter – UKPrimaryTeach

Email – ukprimaryteach@outlook.com




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