The power of Seesaw!

I’ve seen countless posts and blogs over the past few months about the power of Seesaw in the classroom and after a little bit of time getting myself familiar with the app, I downloaded it and started using it straightaway. I was immediately impressed by the speed of uploads and the user friendly interface (and best of all – it’s completely free to schools!) The children and I discussed how it could be used in class and so far we have started using it in the following ways:

  • Assessment records (tagged and organised by child, subject and data) for drama, Science, PE plus any interactive sessions we have in our literacy and numeracy lessons. Quick video upload from the app itself and it’s stored and organised in less than 2 minutes.
  • Self assessment and peer feedback – children take a photo of their work and record a short sound clip discussing their feedback for themselves or a friend
  • Verbal reasoning (used particularly in numeracy) – normally used in conjunction with Tellagami (available on the app store.) Children take a picture of the problem and add their Avatar over the top. They then talk through their solution along with identifying any future changes they might make – perfect for promoting mastery within the classroom
  • Class blog – this has become hugely popular with children and parents and only took 5 minutes to set up! Once you have a class feed and class blog set up, publishing something to the blog is done with one click! I’ve been encouraging parents to comment on their child’s work via the blog and I have set some time aside on a Friday afternoon to review the comments as a class.  This adds another level to feedback and children and parents love it!

Feel free to send an email if you have any questions or leave me a comment. Thanks!


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